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Xoriguer Gin

Xoriguer Gin

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Produced on the island of Menorca, it is one of only two gins in the world with its own EU Designation of Origin. 

Distillated in traditional copper stills, using high quality wine alcohol & carefully selected juniper berries coming from the neighboring Mediterranean mountains, together with aromatic herbs. Only the heirs of family know the recipe of this valuable herb, which is added behind closed doors & without witnesses, at the start of each distilling. Wood is still used today in the distillation as respect for tradition.

Stored in large oak barrels, where it retains unchanging its color, flavor & aroma, until it is finally bottled. Free of any unwanted additives which could impair its preservation or spoil any kind of cocktail or mixed drink. Widely available in Spain where it is mixed with real lemonade to make a drink called a 'Pomada'.


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