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Drumshanbo Irish Gin Distillery Cat (Limited Ed)

  • 1 ₭1,045,00000
Shipping ຄິດໄລ່ທີ່ດ່ານກວດກາ.

Limited Edition "Distillery Cat" is produced using 12 botanicals; 8 that are traditionally infused & 4 that are vapor infused.

Combines oriental & Irish ingredients. Total of 12 exquisite botanicals, some well known, such as juniper, angelica & cardamom. Also exotic ones like Chinese lime, Gunpowder Tea (dried Chinese green tea), Kaffir lime & grapefruit.

Main ingredients are distilled directly in pot still & lies in the infusion basket between the bubble & condenser. The gin absorbs aromas of the tea & citrus fruits as it passes through the distillation apparatus.

Taste of spice, astringency & juniper. Aromas of juniper, spices & citrus notes. Spicy body palate is increasingly perceived as bitter tea with bitter notes & citrus, before the finish presents itself with a long & spicy aftertaste.


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