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Glendalough Pot Still Irish Whiskey

  • 1 ₭1,265,00000
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Finished for up to a year in the rarest of all casks, virgin Irish oak, this is a milestone for Irish whiskey. The Irish oak has been sourced from Wicklow mountains & each bottle is labelled with the tree that produced the oak for the cask. 

These special casks are filled with the most classic Irish of whiskeys - Pot Still (Single Malt). The higher levels of toasted oak & vanilla flavors that Irish oak brings to the liquid complement & balance the classic pot still spices. 

Notes of bright grassy grain, crunchy malt, toasted coconut, toffee, peaches, apples, pears, some blackberries & almond, cherry yogurt, vanilla, caramel & bananas. 


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